08-25-11 KCRW BROADCAST #129   08-27-11

Fanatics! I am in Galway, Ireland as I write this. I am sitting in the airport. Today, I am flying to Manchester and then onto London.

As we do every August, we take one show and devote it with a great lack of restraint to the Punk Rock, Classic and Post. This is that show. Look below and see what lies in wait for us tonight! It’s going to be a great one, for sure.

Tonight we break our show into two parts, both great. Hour one is classic Punk Rock tracks and hour two is the music that came after.

We do play a lot of music from these genres on our show to be certain but tonight, we push it a little harder than usual.

A little bit about our future together: Our September shows will be fantastic. To ready Los Angeles and everywhere else for the arrival of The Stooges on September 7 for their show at the Palladium, we have a very Stooges oriented show for next week, all ready to go. From there, we will move out of our summer listening mode into…

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08-18-11 KCRW BROADCAST #128   08-20-11

Fanatics! Beaming in from Edinburgh, Scotland. The weather is great and the streets are full of people. It is time for the annual Edinburgh Festival. You might remember that I wrote you from here last year. This year, I am only here for two shows. Next year, hopefully, I will be here for a couple of weeks.

We start our show with some great music from Scotland and go on from there. Tonight’s show is designed to be great end of summer listening. It’s not all that challenging, that is to say that most of tonight’s tracks are by many of our familiar friends. Now and then, I think it’s good to keep things close for a great night of listening.

Next week, we have a bit of a concept set. It is our yearly Punk Rock jam out. It’s a great night of listening we have ready for you. The show is in the can, Engineer X and I put it all together several days ago as I will be at the Leeds Festival on that night.

Thanks for all the letters about last week’s pledge drive show. We put…

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08-12-11 KCRW BROADCAST #127   08-13-11

Fanatics! It is Pledge Drive time at Tha K!!! It is time to show your love for NPR. If any of you Fanatics listened to our show during the last drive, you will remember we had prepared quite a bit of material that was written exclusively for that broadcast. This time around, Engineer X and I have upped the ante. Truth be told, we have been working on all this for weeks in great anticipation. It’s Friday afternoon and I am going to write up some more ideas later tonight. We cannot wait to roll out all the stuff we have put together and lay it on you.

The pledge drive is important. None of you are stupid, so there is no need to tell you why KCRW needs as many members as possible. It’s always a struggle, a great one, the right one for sure, but a struggle nonetheless. That being said, it doesn’t have to be a drag. So, X and I have worked on all this material and are treating the two hours as an opportunity to take the show to a whole different level and hopefully the time flies by. If you have not…

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08-05-11 KCRW BROADCAST #126   08-06-11

Fanatics! I am sitting in Dulles International Airport. A long day of travel and traffic ahead. Last night, I was at the Evens show at Fort Reno in Washington DC. What a show! I have not slept much in the last few days. I’ll even out before show time though. I know you’re already looking past this writing to see what we have on for you. As you can see, it’s another great one.

Our first hour contains some real gems. First off, we will start and end the hour with basically the same song. As you know, Iggy’s tremendous album The Idiot was a collaboration with David Bowie. Apparently Bowie had been demoing the song Sister Midnight for his own use. Bowie did end up using the music with different lyrics on a song called Red Money on the Lodger album. I know you know this stuff. In the middle of this Iggy/Bowie sandwich contains some excellent music. Check this compilation album To What Strange Place. This is a fantastic compilation on the Tompkins Square label. Here’s a website to learn more about this collection:


More Tinariwen, in response to your letters.…

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