KCRW BROADCAST #188   11–03–12


Fanatics! Tonight, I am in Trenton, NJ. I lived in Trenton on and off for years as my bandmates were from here. Tonight, we will listen to some Jersey bands as well as bands playing in NJ.

For me, Ween is a NJ band, that is to say, it’s in NJ where we used to do shows together and the place where I first met them many years ago, so we will have Ween beginning and ending our show tonight.

Also, we have a ton of great music, new MI – GU and Au Ras Au Ras and more Trin Tran.

In hour 2, we will rock some live Venom from their 1986 Trenton show. I was at this one, pretty amazing. We thought you would like to hear a little of it. We also have some live Cramps from the City Gardens in Trenton.

Past that, it’s yet another great Saturday night of listening, assembled with your enjoyment as our first consideration!

Soon, we will be back together live in December, so get ready for some amazing shows that we have been working on for weeks.

Check this out Dept.: YouTube and Take Part TV will be webcasting a very special Election Eve live spoken word performance of Henry Rollins from Washington, D.C. on November 5th, at 8pm Eastern/5pm Pacific.  Watch it live only on

Rock out on this show and STAY FANATIC!!!  ––Henry

E–mail address for me: Henryontheradio@gmail.com
Follow me on Twitter: @henryrollins

Hour 1
01. Ween - Roses Are Free / Chocolate And Cheese
02. Jelly Roll Morton - Jersey Joe (Take 2) / Complete Victor Recordings
03. Bruce Springsteen- Thunder Road / Greatest Hits
04. The Psychedelic Aliens - We’re Laughing / The Psychedelic Aliens
05. MI – GU - From Space / Choose the Light
06. Au Ras Au Ras – Left / The Great Nothing
07. The Electronic Anthology Project - Little Fury Things / Of Dinosaur Jr.
08. Cluster – Caramel / Zuckerzeit
09. Keijo - Over There / Open That Door
10. Iggy Pop - I’m Bored / New Values
11. Alan Vega - WARRIOR! FIGHT FOR YA LIFE!!!! / Station
12. Trin Tran - Butcher, Future / Dark Radar
13. UK Subs – Disease / Another Kind Of Blues

Hour 2
01. Venom - The Chanting of the Priests / Trenton NJ 04-02-86
02. The Jesus & Mary Chain - Just Out Of Reach / The Power Of Negative Thinking
03. David Bowie - She Shook Me Cold / The Man Who Sold The World
04. Black Flag - Room 13 / Everything Went Black
05. Hott Beat - Trouble On The Run / A Hott Mess
06. EL Guapo - The Time: Night / Fake French
07. Thor - Knights of Tomorrow / Ride of the Chariots
08. Sleater-Kinney – Entertain / The Woods
09. Joy Division - Colony / Closer
10. Wire - Blessed State / 154
11. Maim - Bloodflow Mantra / Bloodflow Mantra
12. The Cramps - Garbage Man / City Gardens 1981
13. Ween - Licking The Palm For Guava / God Ween Satan




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