RADIO BROADCAST #368   04-17–16


Fanatic!  Greetings and thank you for checking out our show notes for broadcast #368.

If you take a glance at all the great tunes we have lined up for you, I hope you will conclude that we have yet again stared down mediocrity and made it blink.

I have promised Mona Soyok that we would remind listeners of the upcoming KaS Product show happening in Los Angeles at the Echo on May 22. Here again is that info:

For information on the long awaited new VUM album Cryptocrystalline, you can go right here:

I have no idea when you will be reading this. Before or after Saturday. Why is Saturday important? Why, it’s Record Store Day! I am excited about several releases. Usually, Engineer X has a massive list of records he wants to get and I only have a few but this year, I think I might be able to get slightly close to the man. I will hold my cards close to the vest until the dust settles but it’s going to be great. I am so happy that vinyl has made a resurgence. Records make everything better.

But wait, there’s more. Have you looked at all the tunes for this show?! I know it looks good but it sounds even better!

I had forgotten about that Creeping Pink record. I pulled it out recently and remembered how great it was and so a track had to go into the show. That one can be acquired from our good pals at Castle Face.

As I am writing up these notes, I am listening to an LP version of Alan Vega’s amazing Deuce Avenue. It’s great on CD but it is incredible on vinyl.

The other day, I had been rocking the new Deerhoof records and thought it might be a good idea to pull down their excellent Breakup Song album. It’s not only a standout Deerhoof record but on vinyl, it’s fantastic. Recommended.

Also, I finally got a chance to listen to the 2LP reissue of Joy Division’s Substance album. Worth it.

I have been enjoying the Feels album that just came out on Castle Face. Different colored vinyl as well, very cool.

GREAT THING TO ANNOUNCE DEPT.: For our May 15 show, none other than Terry Gender Bender of Le Butcherettes will be live on the air with us. We have asked that Ms. T bring music to share with us and she has affirmed that she is on the case. Obviously, we are very very happy to have this to look forward to. Get ready, get set for that one, Fanatic.

You might be at Coachella this weekend, or depleting some record store of its wares but no matter what, stay hydrated and STAY FANATIC!!! 
–– Henry

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Hour 1
01. The Traditional Fools - Standing In Front Of Poseur / Fools Gold
02. Kid Congo & the Pink Monkey Birds - Anything To Say / La Araña Es La Vida
03. Kim Salmon - Gorgeous and Messed Up / My Script
04. The Birthday Party – Capers / Prayers on Fire
05. Flin Flon - Virgin Arm (Version) / Chicoutimi EP
06. Wire - Two People In A Room / Behind The Curtain: Early Versions 1977 & 78
07. Red Cross - Standin’ in Front of Poseur / Annette’s Got the Hits EP
08. The Reatards - Private Affair / Bedroom Disasters
09. Jimi Hendrix - Drifters Escape (alt mix) / Electric Hendrix
10. VUM - Red Flag / Cryptocrystalline
11. The Conet Project - High Pitch Polytone [XPH] / The Conet Project
12. The Saints - Private Affair / Eternally Yours
13. Black Tambourine - I Remember You / OneTwoThreeFour
14. Rain – Rivers / La Vache Qui Rit
15. Nun – Cronenberg / Nun
16. Creeping Pink - Come Into My World / Caped In At Mirror Woods
17. Joy Division – Interzone / Unknown Pleasures
18. Ramones - I Remember You / Leave Home  
19. Total Control - Black Spring / Typical System

Hour 2
01. The Fall - Free Range / Code: Selfish
02. Prince Jammy - Martian Encounter / Destroys the Invaders
03. The Buzzcocks - Are Everything / Singles Going Steady
04. Holland - Clockwork Orange Airplane / Love Fluxus
05. Deerhoof - Big House Waltz / La Isla Bonita
06. Oh Hang – Sisters / Country My Skull
07. Soccer Team - Friends Who Know / Real Lessons In Cynicism
08. Omar Souleyman - Kell Il Banat Inkhatban (All the Girls Are Engaged) / Jazeera Nights
09. Bikini Kill - New Radio / The Singles
10. True Widow - HW:R / Circumambulation
11. Lowtide – Spring / single
12. Eno - Burning Airlines Give You so Much More / Taking Tiger Mountain
13. My Cat Is An Alien - The Dance Of Oneirism #01 / The Dance Of Oneirism




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